Artistic Casino Design

Project Objectives

The interior design for the Dubai Palace creates a unique and welcoming environment that blends Las Vegas-style excitement with elements that artistically tie in with the "Dubai Palace" name. Customers feel transported to a new destination as they enter and move through the space. This design was created around the existing space without major structural changes. 

casino design - Dubai Palace cashier design.

Design & Planning

A dramatic color palette of reds, ambers, and blues enhances the architectural features and adds energy to the space while the Moroccan inspired patterns are incorporated in the columns, wall panels, carpet, murals, and signage.

The existing columns have been transformed into a dramatic focal point to add color and brightness to the space. The circular rings with illuminated chain curtain are suspended from the ceiling and help bring the eye level down while lighting the floor below. Both of these elements feature programmable color changing LED lighting, allowing you to change the mood and atmosphere for different days, times, or events. It can be programmed to dynamically change throughout the day, to further enhance the guest experience. Additional chain curtains in blue and bronze, weave through the gaming floor creating interest and lowering the eye level. Directional and area signage are highly visible to comfortably direct customers through the space.

The Club and Cage areas build on the theme and provide entertaining areas around the perimeter of the casino. The pit has been relocated to the back of the room to allow for escalator and elevator access to the poker tournament & new events space. The overhead structure above the tables has been designed to create a warm, inviting area, while integrating lighting and cameras to meet the needs of your dealers and surveillance department.

The bar stands out from the gaming area and draws customers in with its modern influence and high-impact décor and lighting. The performance balcony can be highlighted during concerts with the decorative wall treatment, stage lighting, and dynamic LED lighting effects in the background and railing.