Elegant Casino Re-Design

Project Objectives

I-5 created a complete property re-design for Golden Island Casino, giving each area its own unique flare. The entry of the casino was specifically designed to create a welcoming first impression, tying into the gaming floor with an elegant, understated feel, building anticipation, and maximizing the effect as guests enter the gaming floor.

casino re-design - golden island casino, the pit area design.

Design & Planning

I-5 designed the most of the specialty decor elements with a color changing LED lighting system to give the casino unlimited color options for holidays or themed nights.

Internally illuminated towers with a geometric decorative screen incorporate chain curtains, pendants, and color changing lighting effects as they fill the ceiling and add detail to the space. Vibrant red and blue carpet spreads across the floor without a break to allow full flexibility of games. Around the perimeter of the room, a color changing valance and 2 layers of chain curtain fill the space and keep the attention on the gaming floor. Looking from the restaurant towards the smoking room, decorative acrylic panels screen the windows to add interest and to create privacy between rooms.

The club is designed with a warm palette of ambers and browns, and the sign feature wall creates a focal point within the casino. The cage is designed with a color palette of oranges and blues and helps create visual interest around the perimeter of the casino.

The secondary gaming room features a variation of initial gaming room décor and is designed to flow together with the main room whether used for a dedicated smoking space or for an exciting, additional non-smoking area. The custom lighting features are fully programmable and can be synchronized with the main gaming floor to create a uniform look, or can be controlled independently for more variation. Purples and oranges are designed into the carpet as reds, blues, and ambers cover the walls.  The ceiling feature above is composed of chain curtain, chandeliers, and a decorative light panel which is designed with color changing lighting effects so that the mood and color palette can be changed throughout the day and for special events. The table games area has been designed with no columns to allow for flexible gaming arrangements. The dramatic chandeliers overhead create a sense of grandeur in the space.

The Island Café offers a fun and refreshing dining experience. We have created a focal point in the buffet area with sculpted wall panels, ocean inspired wall murals, and multi-layered pebble motif screens. The cool soothing aqua tones combined with warm golds create a pleasing ambience while the unique custom light fixtures and pebble motif screens give the space a fun and energetic vibe. Modern furnishings in bright colors, clustered pendant lights, and wave-like patterns add to the fresh feel of The Island Café.