Exciting Gaming Environments

Project Objectives

I-5 created a conceptual design drawing for this casino showing a welcoming and exciting gaming environment that maximizes impact for this location and assists in enhancing the loyalty of existing customers, while drawing new customers to the location. The overall design is based on the natural beauty and color palettes drawn from the surrounding region.

casino design - player's club design

Design & Planning

This new design plan shows how changes to the building can be achieved to improve the customer appeal at the property and create a welcoming destination. The exterior design included: exterior color palette and finish changes, building facade treatments with integrated LED cove lighting; pillar and entry structure treatments; specialty illuminated signage with enhanced dusk/evening visibility, illuminated building facade structures and new way-finding signage for the site.

The interior areas in included in this design include: establishing views of the exterior casino, gaming floors, cashier area, “Jud’s Place” bar, players club, and transition¬†hallways between gaming areas. I-5 designed updated wall, floor and ceiling color palettes, new custom carpet and flooring, changed in ceiling height to create more interesting customer areas, solutions to eliminate ceiling power poles; high-impact directional and area signage to provide improved way-finding and contribute to the overall ambiance of the space; LED accent lighting and custom lighting fixtures, relevant artwork and imagery from the region incorporated into murals, custom decorative metals, wood textures and translucent surfaces to create high-impact decor and other specialty theming¬†elements.