Western Themed Casino Design

Project Objectives

This popular northern Nevada destination was ready for an upgrade and asked I-5 Design for a new exterior and interior hotel and casino design, hoping to create the sense of a high-end hunting lodge or ranch house. The client also asked that structural changes be kept to a minimum. The hotel and casino design plan by I-5 Design is a salute to the ranching culture that has defined northern Nevada for generations. By working meaningful, sophisticated Western style into existing structural parameters, the design raises the destination's image.

Casino Design - Stockmans Hotel & Casino, bar design by I-5 Design.

Design & Planning

Inspired by the area's prevalent ranching culture, I-5 took the casino's graphic bull logo and enhanced its use as both an interior and exterior symbol. The rustic exterior was kept largely intact with added signage, a new paint color combination, and a new iron deck railing with bull icon detailing. Inside, design employs upscale western embellishments.

Internally illuminated “skylight” displays were planned for the entrance and gaming areas.  Custom printed faces simulated Victorian-inspired stained glass.  Custom printed mural bands featured tooled leather imagery, cattle-brands, and distressed wood.  The ceiling centerpiece structure also had internal illumination, aged copper and wood style veneers, amber mica, and wrought iron style metals along with more tooled leather imagery. On the exterior, a large internally illuminated arched entry featured the bull head logo, letters, and lighted LED “diamond” signage, all backed with translucent gold.