Envy Nightlife 

Route 66 wanted to create an exciting and highly memorable nightclub experience for their casino and hotel patrons while also providing a regional destination point to draw new customers to their property. The concept for Envy Nightlife produced an environment that was flexible and sophisticated enough to host live DJ parties and electronic music events on the weekends, while also providing for a rotation of regional bands throughout weekday evenings.    



Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Duration: 3 Weeks
Project Size: 7,500 sf
Services: Design Build Interiors Package

Route 66 Casino - Envy Nightlife
Route 66 Casino - Envy Nightlife
Route 66 Casino - Envy Nightlife
Route 66 Casino - Envy Nightlife
Route 66 Casino - Envy Nightlife
Route 66 Casino - Envy Nightlife

Our Approach

Design & Planning

Drawing from the automotive theme of the Route 66 casino and hotel, the bold décor, complex lighting, custom architectural features, and high-end reflective finish elements work together in this one-of-a-kind concept to create a unique destination venue for the location.

The exterior of the nightclub featured large dimensional oval elements offset from entrance walls and back-lit by dynamic, programmable color-changing LED lighting. This creates an exciting and dramatic display of color and shadows and draws and holds the attention of guests at this exciting venue.


I-5 designed a massive multi-dimensional oval lighting structure that is suspended overhead and dominates 1,250 square feet (25′ x 50′) of the ceiling above the central dance area. This unique décor feature contains a complete array of fully programmable, color-changing LED fixtures that can be controlled from the DJ booth to provide a stunning backdrop for music and dancing, or preset programs can be run displaying either video or patterns of color. Custom curving soffits with specialty chain curtains were fabricated and pre-assembled prior to final installation around the perimeter of the club. Programmable LED lighting systems were integrated into these décor components and reflected off of the custom glossy finishes.

Offsite Construction 

All of the custom lighting, décor structures, and premium finishes were fabricated off-site. Construction of the new space also included programming the lighting effects and integrating the control systems. This allowed for the most efficient onsite implementation while providing the highest quality possible for the finished décor.

A massive 25' x 50' tapered oval lighting structure was designed and built offsite with integrated color-changing LED lighting and installed above the dance floor.  This memorable show-stopping centerpiece can be programmed to create the perfect lighting environment depending on the event or promotional needs of the location.

Build & Install

As fabrication was underway, the design and installation teams collaborated closely so the best solutions and the greatest visual impact could be achieved for the 5000 sf oval ceiling element. Custom video-capable LED lighting was integrated into this focal element to continually bathe the area with constantly changing patterns of light and shadow. Along with the other specialized décor components, this one-of-a-kind element was pre-assembled at the I-5 facility in order to ensure the smoothest onsite installation and the opportunity to perform a final system test. Once the décor and lighting systems were complete, they were loaded for shipment to the job site.


As the decor elements arrived on-site, I-5’s project coordinator and installation, teams worked around the clock to get the décor installed within the empty shell. During décor installation I-5 crews worked to assist the contractor to complete final finish details in the space so the space created the greatest impact and aligned perfectly with the design intent. As the installation was underway, daily safety meetings ensured each member of the team was focused on the most important objective of any I-5 installation. This maintained a safe environment for the job site and any guests. As the décor installation was complete, Route 66 opened the venue for business.

Finished Project

The ENVY Nightlife venue at Route 66 Casino has provided the property with an additional draw for new customers from the Albuquerque area who are looking for a great night out. The unique design, with its custom lighting and high-end finishes, allows for the flexibility of equally showcasing the talents of a top name DJ or a Salsa Band to entertain guests at the property.

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