4 Bears Casino Gaming Floor

Located in the center of the Bakken Oil fields, the 20 year old 4 Bears Casino was in need of an upgrade that would create an exciting, comfortable, and high-quality feel for the gaming floor. The Tribe had an aggressive schedule to have the project completed which included a brand new gaming floor bar in addition to transforming the ambiance within the gaming floor.



Location: New Town, North Dakota
Duration: 5 Weeks
Project Size: 15,000  sf
Services: Design Build Remodel 

Our Approach


Beginning with a rich color palette of red, blue, and gold a dramatic transformation was created within the gaming space. The vibrant custom carpet integrates a ‘stratified’ design motif that alludes to the abundant oil deposits found throughout the Tribe’s land. Stone and wood finishes accent the new gaming floor colors and bring familiar natural elements from the surrounding geography into the space. Each of the major customer service areas received new custom signage, integrated LED accent lighting, and custom patterned metal finishes, creating a high-quality feel and unified architectural design within the space. A custom chain curtain element winds around the perimeter of the gaming floor and is reminiscent of the nearby Lake Sacagawea.

By planning the design to work with and enhance existing architectural features of the gaming floor, a completely new ambiance was created for the space without expensive and time-consuming structural changes. The entire onsite implementation of the 15,000 sf. gaming floor remodel was planned for an extremely efficient, phased completion in just 5 weeks onsite.


Custom chandelier elements are placed throughout the gaming floor and provide excellent contrast against the blue of the custom chain curtain. The central gaming floor bar features a custom décor structure suspended over the new area and is illuminated to draw attention and awareness to the exciting new amenity.

Build & Install

Once the design elements were completed in-shop, it was packaged and loaded for shipment to the job site. Simultaneous to the décor fabrication, I-5’s project team coordinated all of the custom casework and cabinetry, food service equipment, and custom flooring so that it would be installed within a highly efficient, phased implementation. Additionally, I-5’s onsite project superintendent was coordinating our team of nationwide subcontractors so that all of the onsite demolition, painting, and MEP adjustments would be completed within the phasing plan. All of the custom décor elements, custom casework and cabinets, new foodservice equipment, and custom flooring were manufactured and shipped to the job site for installation in just 3 weeks.


Each of the custom elements within the new gaming floor design was fabricated and pre-assembled offsite in order to ensure the implementation could be achieved within the most efficient time on site and with minimal disruption to casino operations. As the chandeliers, signage, and large overhead décor structure was completed, the lighting elements were tested and calibrated for maximum visual impact within the space.

Finished Project

Based on the client's tight schedule, the entire project from approval to completion was achieved in 7 weeks. I-5 was able to complete the 15,000 sf gaming floor remodel project in just 5 weeks onsite. The project at 4 Bears was so successful, I-5 Design Build was brought back a number of months later to deliver a second phase renovation project, which addressed the food and beverage areas of the property.


During the implementation, I-5 coordinated closely with the team at 4 Bears Casino in order to compress the schedule wherever possible and at the same time keep as many of their slot machines online and gaming areas open, so that existing revenues were protected. The project was completed 2 weeks early and the casino reported excellent returns on the investment during the remodeling project. 

“I have been extremely impressed with I-5 Design in every phase of the gaming floor project… The design work was absolutely beautiful, the planning and implementation took into account the concerns of the Tribe, my guests, and my staff, and the way they have thought about protecting our business during the gaming floor renovation was amazing, we are seeing excellent revenue increases”

Pat Packineau
General Manager

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