4 Bears Cache Marketplace

After the pandemic of 2020, 4 Bears Casino decided it was time to refresh their space, upgrading from a buffet to a food court. The plan for this design was to lighten and modernize the space while still maintaining the beautiful hand-painted tribal mural. 

Location: New Town, ND
Duration: 17 Weeks
Project Size: 7,000 sf
Services: Comprehensive Design-Build Renovation

Our Approach

Design & Planning

The focal point of this design was a beautiful, eye-catching ceiling feature, meant to draw customers into the space and complement the tribal elements in the perimeter mural. 

Fabrication of Custom Decor 

Manufacturing the custom decor in-house guarantees greater control over the quality of materials used and the production process itself. This control helped ensure that the final products met the desired standards of craftsmanship and durability.


Pre-construction of the custom decor elements drastically cut down the on-site construction timeframe, allowing the casino to open ahead of schedule. 


Final Product

The final result is bright and airy, providing the Casino's guests a refreshing space to relax when not playing games. 

4 bears casino

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