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Gila River wanted to create a best-in-class sports entertainment experience across their three Arizona properties. While each venue varied in size, shape, and footprint, I-5 created a visually recognizable design concept which was then custom-tailored to create premium sportsbook destinations for each facility. Each of the construction transformations was performed as a comprehensive design-build project, which allowed all locations to be completed within a highly expedited 14-week timeframe and open in time for the March Maddness basketball tournament.   



Location: Multiple Locations, Arizona
Duration: 14 Weeks
Project Size: Varied based on location
Services: Design-Build Renovation

Project Approach 

Custom Designs, Consistent Branding

Gila River’s goal was to achieve consistent, high-quality branding across their three sportsbooks, while still capitalizing on the unique feel and features of each locale. With this in mind, I-5 incorporated a common design DNA across the separate properties, while tailoring each venue’s design and amenities to meet the needs of that individual location's customer demographic.


Throughout the design process, Bet MGM and Gila River provided the overall direction for all venues to feature consistent brand standards, layouts, and operations while still achieving a signature look and feel for each property. From the custom-designed carpet to the seamless LED screens and specialty lighting features, three very different venues create dynamic visual impact and have produced excellent customer draw across all of the properties. The result is a consistently fun, high-energy, exciting environment, built with each property's core customer in mind.

Accelerating Timeframes with Design-Build Construction 

For their flagship sportsbook location, Gila River wanted to remodel an old, unused nightclub space on the second level of their Wild Horse Pass Casino. The wall was opened and a glass railing created attractive views and an exciting synergy between the excitement of the sportsbook and the energy of the casino floor below. Programmable lighting transforms the environment for special events, game days, and gameday sports broadcasts.

For Gila River’s Lone Butte property, the sportsbook was built facing the main casino entrance. An existing wall was opened up and the signature design concept was applied, transforming what was once a constricted entryway into a high-impact and exciting arrival experience.

Vee Quiva, Gila River’s third location, features an indoor-outdoor experience with three glass, fold-up doors opening out to the adjoining patio, where guests can continue to refresh and enjoy the big-screen sports action.

During all of these comprehensive projects, while demolitions took place onsite, other parts of the project were built offsite simultaneously. This unique benefit of the design-build approach allowed for an accelerated timeframe in line with casino management’s aggressive opening goal.

Highly Successful Opening

After putting the initial concepts together for these three projects in late August, the keys were turned over to Gila River for a hugely successful soft opening well before their target date: March Madness. Gila River has reported consistent success across all three locations since the expedited 14-week completion of the project. Feedback has been outstanding and each of the sportsbook locations has become customer draws in their own right.   

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