Greenfresh Market

Greenfresh Market came to I-5 wanting to create a clean and calming interior design concept for a new store location in a popular, growing neighborhood. Based on the owner's goals, a bright Scandinavian-style design concept was developed that included polished concrete finishes, overall clean lines for the interior signage, and décor to produce a simple, yet welcoming design concept. 


Location: Renton, Washington

Duration:3 Weeks

Project Size: 9,000 sf

Services: Concept Design & Decor

Our Approach

Plan & Design

Design challenges were addressed by using bright blocks of color to create the "fresh, yet simple" look the client had requested.

Custom wood grids using light-colored finishes with silver accents gave the store a clean, simple design aesthetic. Easy-to-read check stand lane markers and aisle signs guide customers through the market.  Color specifications for interior walls, product cases, floors, and finishes ensure an atmosphere consistent with a fresh, natural foods environment. To complete the design, exterior signage reflects the clean, crisp style of the new interior elements.

Additionally, to help the client visualize the final implementation, 3D coordination drawings were provided to the customer from several different angles, which helped answer layout questions and clearly identified where finishes would be applied. 

Build & Install

In order to provide the best turnaround time for the project, decorative elements were constructed offsite and then shipped to the project site, where the project team oversaw installation and completion. 

Greenfresh Market’s clean, open design and modern Scandinavian design, make for a beautifully inviting shopping space. The client and customers have been very happy with the new interior and the store has been very popular. 

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