Azul Restaurant

The leadership team at Kickapoo Casino wanted to convert a non-performing 1,300 sf steakhouse into a warm and welcoming Mexican restaurant which kept customers close to the gaming floor. The design plan focused on the interior finishes and added select decor treatments to produce a high-quality renovation that added value for customers and improved the overall draw for the property. 



Location: Eagle Pass, Texas
Duration: 6 Weeks
Project Size: 1,300 sf
Services: Comprehensive Design-Build

Our Approach

Design & Planning

A floor-to-ceiling renovation upgraded every customer-facing area while adding a new dedicated bar to service the restaurant. The “Azul” motif was maintained throughout the venue, with integrated blue accent lighting and wall decor. Floating latilla-like decor brought new interest to the otherwise empty ceiling.

Build & Install

The custom wall murals, lighting, and decor were produced offsite before being installed in the new venue in order to allow the restaurant to remain open as long as possible during its peak season. The venue was then quickly refreshed onsite while dramatically reducing the project timeframes. Dynamic lighting, integrated into the overhead decor structures, provided the ability to adjust the daytime and evening ambiance in the restaurant.

Finished Project

The project took just 6 weeks to execute. The venue has been opened to casino customers and staff, and the completed casual dining venue is a great addition to the dining and gaming experience at Kickapoo Casino. The results at Azul have been excellent, both in the impact this project created for the property and in customer feedback.

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