360 Degree Bar | Route 66 Casino

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Project Objectives

Building on the property's Route 66 theme of a "journey," the client hoped to create a comfortable, inviting bar/lounge venue for visitors to relax while remaining in the center of the action.

Bar Design - 360 Bar design.

Design & Planning

The I-5 Design team picked up on the theme of a trip via highway and created a new bar design that symbolized the end of the original Route 66, which was the Pacific Ocean in California.

A custom ceiling structure over the entire new bar, designed to emulate a spiraling nautilus shell, radiates outward toward the main entry. It is fully programmable with color-changing LEDs concealed around the center of the nautilus. This produces an unforgettable, ever-changing light show. Custom-etched, I-Metal column wraps reach up to the nautilus ceiling element to add interest and ‘wow’ to the space. A faceted, beaded curtain, washed with programmable color-changing LED lighting, is suspended from the perimeter of the ceiling element. To set the bar apart from the rest of the space, a custom designed circular half-wall surrounds the bar with art-glass shades integrated into the decorative screen.

Build & Install

Creating manufacture solutions during the design phase allowed for a seamless transition into production and a quick turnaround time for Route 66 Casino.

The entire decor package was manufactured at I-5′s facility in Lacey, Washington. Creating manufacture solutions during the design phase allowed for a seamless transition into production and a quick turnaround time for Route 66 Casino. To guarantee the casino would remain operational during construction, each element was pre-fabricated and shipped to the job site in portions for easy on-site assembling.  This also assured safe and healthy working conditions for the casino staff and their customers.

I-5′s theme and new bar design projected a stunning focal point and destination within the casino and made Route 66 Casino excited to see their vision come to life! Working in the middle of the gaming floor was a concern for Route 66 Casino owners, and I-5 was able to create an installation plan that kept the gaming floor operational while ensuring a safe environment for customers.

Like pieces of a puzzle, the pre-fabricated decor elements were secured into place, and the installation performance created quite a buzz throughout the casino among customers and the staff.

Bar Design - 360 Bar, implementation of custom design elements.
Photo of the new bar design completed for Route 66 360 Bar.

Finished Project

I-5 brought all departments together to create a seamless bar design and implementation plan. All of the décor elements were pre-fabricated and manufactured in-house, then installed on-site.

The new transformation gave patrons a place to unwind while still enjoying the energy from the gaming floor and gave Route 66 Casino a breathtaking new attraction for the property. Seeing an immediate return on investment, Route 66 Casino was very happy with the end result and contracted with I-5 again on other venues at their facility.

Thunder Road Steakhouse & Cantina and Envy Nightlife are two other venues within Route 66 Casino that I-5 has designed, built and implemented. All of the venues were completely transformed with no downtime to the casino or interruption to the customers.