Comanche Bar

Lawton, Oklahoma

Project Objectives

As part of the comprehensive design for Comanche Nation Casino, I-5 was charged with creating an elegantly stunning new image for the casino's feature bar venue.

Casino Design - Comanche Nation Casino Bar design.

Design & Planning

Starting with an existing bar area that was outdated, downscale and distinctly unimpressive, I-5 used color and innovative lighting to take the lounge 180 degrees from where it had been, fashioning a new sleek, stylish, boldly contemporary setting.

An imposing yet handsome ceiling structure, comprised of wooden beams and integrated lighting elements, which encloses the area, bathes the setting in cool color and lowers the overhead space for a more intimate feel. Custom hanging mission-style pendant lights, suspended from the ceiling structure, highlight the bar. Specialty metal finishes throughout the area add texture and connect to the casino’s overall design theme.

Build & Install

The bar's entire ceiling structure, all pendant lights, and the specialty metal finishes were designed and manufactured in-house and installed by I-5's team of trained technicians.

Thanks to close cooperation between I-5 and the client, Comanche Nation Casino was able to stay open and generate revenue throughout installation.

Bar Design - Comanche Nation Casino construction
Photo of the Comanche Casino bar design complete.

Finished Project

“What you did for us is gorgeous. It’s warm and inviting, almost looks like a library or old mansion with wood and stone—the atmosphere is just fantastic.”

Earl Moyer, Lawton, OK