Envy Nightlife | Route 66 Casino

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Project Objectives

Route 66 wanted to create an exciting and highly memorable nightclub experience for their casino and hotel patrons, while also providing an additional destination draw for the property.

Bar Design - Envy Nightlife dance floor and lighting design.

Design & Planning

Bold décor, complex lighting, and dynamic architectural elements highlight the comprehensive club design concept created for Envy, the lively nightclub venue located within the Route 66 Casino.

Large dimensional oval elements are offset from entrance walls and highlighted by dynamic color-changing LED backlighting, creating dramatic shadows and illumination and producing a rich “halo” glow around the ‘ENVY’ logo that greets guests as they enter the club. The overhead multi-dimensional oval lighting structure dominates over 1,250 square feet (25’x50’) of the ceiling above the central dance area and contains a complete array of fully programmable, color-shifting LED lighting bars. Surrounding the entire space are curving soffits with specialty chain curtains and programmable lighting systems used to display various patterns. Custom designed lighting systems illuminate tables, stairs, and dance platforms. All of the specialty lighting, including the central “eye” element, is designed to allow complete flexibility and control by the DJ to display an array of lighting patterns and animation for the electrifying nightclub experience.

Build & Install

In just three short weeks, the original drab, archaic space was transformed into a colorful, modern nightclub that radiates excitement and animation, giving customers the experience of a lifetime!

The focal point of the nightclub design is the oval ceiling element suspended above the dance floor that continually bathes the area with constantly changing patterns of various colored lights and shadows, electrifying the entire room. The lighting system in this element is capable of displaying everything from large-scale video to intricately designed effects, ranging from a pulsating heartbeat to a whirling cyclone in a starburst of intense color. The eye of the unit contains specialty animated lights which swirl around the dance floor, creating another dimension as the light beams move through the haze. This is truly a ‘one-of-a-kind’ fixture completely designed, manufactured, and installed by I-5 Design. All of the custom designed decor elements were planned and fabricated in-house. Providing Route 66 Casino with both the conceptual club designs and the manufactured decor elements guaranteed quality and complete design intent throughout the entire project.

As the decor elements arrived on-site, I-5’s project coordinator and installation teams began the transformation. While the construction phase was happening, the room was closed off to the rest of the casino, maintaining a safe gaming environment for guests and adding the element of surprise for the grand opening of the new venue.


Lounge Design - Envy Nightlife new bar, design manufacture and installation by I-5 Design.

Finished Project

ENVY was a "concept to completion" project, utilizing I-5's 3-step process of designing, manufacturing each element in-house, and then implementing the entire project on-site. Installation was completed in only three weeks.

Envy Nightlife is one of many venues at Route 66 Casino designed and renovated by I-5 Design. Entering from the gaming floor, guests encounter many different themes, from a high-end cosmopolitan nightclub to a down-home western dance night.

The programmable lighting system allows management to program a variety of atmospheres and moods. This club design theme and visual presence of the casino’s nightclub are a far cry from any venue in the area and have transformed it into a unique destination within the casino.

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