Red Parrot Lounge

Pauma Valley, California

Project Objectives

As part of the total property remodel for Casino Pauma, I-5 Design was asked to create a lounge design that would bring a new personality to the gaming floor. The Casino was looking to create an intimate area within the gaming floor where patrons can step away from the action to relax.

Lounge Design - Red Parrot Lounge, entry design.

Design & Planning

I-5's team continued the property's overall theme in the Red Parrot Lounge design, using an orange grove motif for décor accents. Other consistent materials were also employed, including stone and wood veneers.

A dramatic entrance to the lounge, featuring tapered, stone veneer columns and an impressive structure of arching wood beams overhead, new, double-sided, internally illuminated sign, backed by specialty etched metal, finished in jewel-tone red which made the lounge unmistakably visible from all sides of the gaming floor.

As part of the signage structure, two flanking stained glass-style windows, depicting orange trees were internally illuminated for maximum impact. Programmable color-changing LED lighting hidden in the new ceiling structure, washes a vivid purple-hue over the entire area. The lighting, when combined with the amber glow of the chandeliers, creates a comfortable, intimate ambience. The custom designed and fabricated chandeliers are constructed with two-toned mica panels inset into an old world iron style frame. Rounded steps with decorative railings at the entrance of the Lounge gracefully lift the venue from the rest of the gaming area.

Build & Install

As part of the overall decor package, the Red Parrot Lounge was designed, manufactured and installed by I-5 Design.

Lounge design elements for the Red Parrot entrance and signage were extremely detailed, and I-5′s ability to produce precision-engineered elements in-house, working in tandem with the design team, provided a major advantage to the client. All pieces were fabricated exactly to specifications, ensuring a smooth installation on-site. I-5 managed all implementation, resulting in a seamless process from design through completion.

Serving as designer, manufacturer, and general contractor for this extensive project allowed I-5 to showcase its strengths in each specific area, as well as the benefit of a one-stop, “concept to completion” resource. I-5 coordinated all phases, supervised fabrication of key design elements, and oversaw implementation, ensuring an on-time, on-budget delivery.

Separating the installation of the entire property into zones provided Casino Pauma with the ability to remain open during the renovation. With the pre-fabricated components on-site, the installation process was as seamless as putting together pieces of a puzzle.


Lounge Design - Red Parrot Lounge, manufacture of design elements.
Lounge Design - Red Parrot Lounge, seating area.

Finished Project

Red Parrot Lounge was completed along with the Triple Seven Bar, Asian Noodle Bar, Buffet and Cafe, Gaming Floor, and the Exterior Port Cochere - on-time and in budget for Casino Pauma.

The Red Parrot Lounge is a low-key yet highly sophisticated venue for patrons to step away from the excitement of the gaming floor, while remaining immersed in the welcoming ambience of Casino Pauma.

Casino Pauma is a highly satisfied I-5 customer, witnessing a dramatic resurgence in guest traffic upon completion of its stunning property-wide renovation. Visit the Casino Pauma portfolio page to see the entire Casino Remodel.