Shadeh Nightclub

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Project Objectives

Buffalo Thunder Resort wanted to update their aging 5,800 sq.ft. nightclub design into a memorable, high-quality venue. I-5 created a sleek, high-impact design plan that utilized the existing architecture and features of the space to dramatically transform it into the new Shadeh Nightclub.

Lounge Design - Shadeh Nightclub, design of the dance floor.

Design & Planning

The main focus during the design phase was finding the best ways to maximize the impact of their budget, incorporating lighting solutions, flooring options, and custom décor treatments, while utilizing the existing layout and space.

I-5’s designers utilized a high-resolution digital laser scan of the existing space to create an extremely accurate 3D model of the venue. This allowed a seamless transition from conceptual design to development, project costing and construction documents. The nightclub design solutions were applied in 3D and I-5 coordinated with casino personnel to ensure the best options were created, not only for the look but also for their budget.

In addition to a new lighting system for the venue a custom illuminated bubble wall display was incorporated into the back bar to add visual interest to the space. Custom panels are located behind the stage, new color changing countertops at the bars, custom stand-up illuminated drink tables around the dance floor and an array of vibrant ceiling light bands are incorporated over the dance floor. The new nightclub also includes a completely new raised VIP area with beautiful carpet and accent lighting to create an exclusive feel. The custom décor solutions were designed with integrated LED lighting that adds energy and creates the rich, high-quality feel throughout the space.

Build & Install

The manufacture of the custom décor elements were completed in one week and shipped on-site for installation.

As a part of the project, the custom design elements were manufactured and pre-assembled by I-5’s in-house team. Constructed of high quality materials, all of the elements have unique finishes that contribute to the overall design theme and bring unity to the space. Approaching the project with a multi-discipline system and digital workflow created a seamless transition between the design, build and install phases and allowed for a more aggressive schedule than anticipated.

On-site, our team prepared the environment for the upcoming changes, by demoing the DJ booth, restrooms and liquor room and the modifications to the HVAC system to accommodate the new layout and plan. I-5 painted the interior walls and added a high-gloss polish to the existing concrete floor, completing the new environment.

Lounge Design - Shadeh Nightclub, manufacture of design elements.
Lounge Design - Shadeh Nightclub, new dance floor and illuminated wall.

Finished Project

The on-site demolition and transformation was complete in just under a month.

As the pre-assembled elements arrived on-site, I-5’s team of experts installed each area like putting pieces of a puzzle together. Working from the digital project drawings and plan, the implementation phase was completed ahead of schedule and has brought an excellent return on investment for the Buffalo Thunder Resort.