Soaring Eagle Casino | Ascend

Project Objectives

Ascend was designed as a premier multi-use venue, offering a world-class sports bar environment along with an unparalleled live entertainment experience.

Design & Planning

The design for Ascend transformed an obscure corner of Soaring Eagle Casino into an ideal place for guests to refresh themselves while watching sports events and live performances. To create a truly dynamic environment, color-changing lighting was integrated into the architecture throughout the space, providing an array of sweeping motions or soft fades to set the tone for the space.

Build & Install

Custom faceted accent walls behind the stage, in the upper VIP seating area, and in the entry include back-lighting to produce an illusion of floating panels which helps to add dramatic accents throughout the space.

In two key areas within the venue, 126 individually suspended “Light Rods” produce an ever-changing display to accent the mood. Utilizing ambient sound-sensitive technology, the lighting rods produce a pulsating audio meter to represent the music being played.

Finished Project

The stunning entry provides an excellent focal point from the gaming floor, while functionally assisting with the planned sound isolation.

A high-end sound system was designed specifically for live entertainment events and was custom integrated with over 20 individual, time-aligned speakers throughout the space to provide guests with an immersive experience