Maxi Foods

The owner of Maxi Foods contacted I-5 Design looking for a new supermarket design with a unique visual theme and décor for his aging retail location near Melbourne Australia. His stated objective, “I want to provide a feel that Australian supermarkets have not had before”. Maxi Foods is among several large grocery stores competing in a very small geographical area. The task was to create a visual atmosphere to set the store apart from the competition making the store the destination of choice for the surrounding demographic.


Location: Melbourne, Australia

Scope: New interior signage and finishes

Project Size: 3,500 sf

Services: Conceptual Design 

Our Approach

Understanding the Need

Following an on-site pictorial survey and face-to-face discussions between I-5’s representative and the owner of Maxi Foods, 3D conceptual sesign drawings were created. The well-planned design built upon the owner’s vision and direction for the store while at the same time, cost-effectively utilizing many of the existing structures to create an all new look and feel.

An upscale gourmet specialty area was created using gondola displays filled with a broad range of products from around the world. The strategic placement of these displays causes customers to meander through and see much more product


A comfortable cafe area was created adjacent to the specialty product area.  Included in the final design was a combination of wall and floor treatments complimentary to the product displays, floor to ceiling color specifications, classic brick walls and columns, custom overhead grids, upscale historic simulated neon department signs, high resolution printed murals and wall coverings, custom chalkboard displays, and simulated wrought iron floral screens. 

All of these elements worked together seamlessly, and created a finished look that the owner termed, “Fantastic!  I love it!”.

Completed Project Feedback

“Our sales are slowly but steadily increasing as a result for which we are pleased.  That of course was the reason for the upgrade. You should know that we are the talk of the town. Customers are really taken back by the presentation of the new department.  It is really spectacular!  If we increase our customer count we increase our ‘average basket sale’.  It’s simple!”

— Brendan Blake, Owner

Design + Planning

  • Designed signature area to showcase specialty goods within the retail environment 
  • Created a plan that utilized the overall structure of the building while dramatically updating the ambiance
  • Results have taken a small grocery and produced an environment that allowed them to compete with larger compeditors 

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