Muscogee Casino

Muscogee Casino wanted to transform their dated property into a fresh and exciting destination for the area, as well as expand their back end infrastructure for operational needs. The new plan transformed the large, unimpressive gaming floor, and individual venues, into a one-of-a-kind gaming and entertainment environment.


Location: Muscogee, Oklahoma

Duration: 8 Weeks onsite

Project Size: 12,000 sf

Services: Comprehensive Design Build

Our Approach

Design & Planning

Challenged with a very dark and dated gaming floor, which had very tall ceilings, the design intent was to draw the focus down to the gaming floor to create a warm and welcoming environment, as well as provide a new focal point within the space without the need for extensive infrastructure changes.


The main gaming floor was expanded to provide a central area for the property and help to centralize the excitement for casino guest. The main feature of the new design is a giant radiating beam structure curving up from behind the renovated bar area and branching out across the entire gaming floor. Large blue bands are integrated into the wood beams to create a warm glow and ambiance throughout the space. A lowered curving soffit element with integrated LED lighting curves its way around the perimeter of the floor to frame in the space and provide more intimate areas within the café. The new café area features a curving decorative half wall so the space is clearly defined and separated, while still allowing guests to feel part of the action. In addition to the overall upgrade, the player’s club and cashier areas were also relocated for easier access by casino guests.


Build & Install

The main gaming floor remodel was completed in under 4 weeks onsite, including the entire overhead beam structure system, integrated lighting solutions, central bar area, player’s club and cashier build-outs, café area expansion, MEP adjustments, and comprehensive floor-to-ceiling finish upgrades.


The entire project was planned and implemented to create the least amount of disruption to casino operations while completely transforming the space from top to bottom. All of the large overhead beam structures, curving overhead soffits, custom décor features, signage, and unique lighting elements were pre-fabricated and pre-assembled at I-5’s state-of-the-art production facility so they could be implemented in an extremely efficient and streamlined manner, while achieving the highest level of quality and design impact.

Finished Project

I-5 Design created a comprehensive design and upgrade plan which would completely transform the 22-year-old property into a local entertainment destination.


Building on the successes of the recent casino upgrades for Creek Nation (One Fire Casino & Duck Creek Casino), Muscogee Casino helped to further separate the tribe’s properties as beautiful gaming destinations within the region. In addition to providing the best overall look and design impact for each casino location, the entire I-5 team has incorporated the best planning, fabrication methods, and onsite implementation solutions to ensure the entire design plan integrates perfectly with each facility, creating stunning finished projects.

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