North Coast Co-op

The board members of North Coast Co-op wanted to create a visually compelling space to provide the community with wholesome, natural food. Working through the details of the new building, an interior design theme was developed that would create focal points throughout the shopping area and a compelling shopping experience. The overall design also incorporated symbolic elements from the local community into the overall plan, bringing authenticity to the project. 


Location: Arcata, California
Duration: 3 Weeks
Project Size: 24,000 sf
Services: Exterior & Interior Design

Our Approach

Design & Planning

A completely new branding package was created, for both the interior and exterior of North Coast Co-op. Architectural metal valances were designed along the storefront adding a strong visual element to the vertical parapets. This design theme was carried through the interior as well, with a signage package that flowed through the location. Each department had a unique visual identity and custom ceiling grids were suspended over the vegetable and check stand areas. Custom artwork murals were incorporated for all departments throughout the entire shopping area. A demonstration kitchen was added to the location as well, which has become an excellent and consistent customer draw.

The board was extremely happy with the new overall brand and the impact it created for their North Coast Co-op location.  


The design featured a custom logo, which was also integrated throughout the interior decor.  Architectural metal valances were added all along the store front.  For the interior, dimensional lettering specified each department, and grids were suspended over the produce and checkstand areas.  An arched entry to the demonstration kitchen was flanked by wood and stone pillars with an art mural in between as the background for the dimensional lettering.  Custom artwork murals were incorporated for all departments throughout the entire co-op.

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