Pauma Café and Buffet

As part of the comprehensive remodel for Casino Pauma, I-5 expanded the existing buffet area to create additional dining space that looked out onto the adjacent orange groves. 



Location: Pauma Valley, California
Phase Duration: 8 Weeks
Project Size: 6,800 sf
Services: Design Build Expansion

Pauma Cafe
Pauma Cafe

Project Approach

Design & Planning

Both the intimate café and the more expansive buffet seating area were designed around a California lodge-style motif, showcasing natural accents of rock and wood.

A private dining space was converted to a fast/casual Cafe venue to serve casino guests wanting a faster dining experience. Simulated arching wood beams were suspended over the seating area and custom wall murals add to the calming, natural ambiance in the space. Amber mica chandeliers and richly upholstered booths add to the lodge style décor.


The new buffet seating area is anchored by a custom-fabricated, lifelike “orange tree” with wrap-around seating at the base of the tree and branches arching out over diners. Amber mica chandeliers and mounted fixtures wash the area in warm illumination.


Build & Install

As part of the property-wide remodel for Casino Pauma, I-5 constructed all of the custom design elements, including the orange tree sculpture, at offsite construction facilities to ensure best finished quality and visual impact. This also minimized the overall timeframes onsite, creating a faster and better overall proejct for the customer. 


To create the new buffet dining room, I-5 developed a small piece of unused land adjacent to the existing buffet. This allowed additonal buffet serving line to be added inside the building and created an enclosed dining atrium that offers diners an overlook view of the nearby orange groves. This has proven very popular, and creates a signature space that draws customers to Casino Pauma


Finished Project

The Buffet and Cafe remodels were a component of the extensive casino design and renovation project. By providing the project as a true design build creating phasing solutions were developed that allowed patrons to dine on-site throughout the extensive construction, ensuring great customer experinece and revenues continued while construction was underway.

Feedback on the renovations to the Café and Buffet areas has been excellent and the casino has increased their locals draw and food and beverage revenues have gone up as well.




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