Qzone Nightclub

Quil Ceda Casino wanted to turn an old, unused nightclub area into an exciting draw for the property. I-5 created a plan for the old area that provided flexibility in the layout and added features to create an exciting destination.



Location: Tulalip, Washington
Duration: 2 Weeks
Project Size: 4,500 sf
Services: Design-Build Interiors Package

Quil Ceda Casino - QZone Nightclub
Quil Ceda Casino - QZone Nightclub
Quil Ceda Casino - QZone Nightclub
Quil Ceda Casino - QZone Nightclub
Quil Ceda Casino - QZone Nightclub
Quil Ceda Casino - QZone Nightclub

Our Approach

Design & Planning

A new design plan was created that infuses the space with energy. On either side of the new entry, internally illuminated columns with etched metal insets, set the tone for the interior space. Upon entering, the bar area design has a new overhead structure, which features silver and fiery red toned metal cladding and cantilevers out over the bar to create an intimate space for guests. A custom illuminated bar top provides a soft, warm glow to the area, and sleek etched metal and diamond plate finishes provide a modern edge to the overall design. With grey and chrome accents throughout the space, attention is drawn to the stage which boasts a new overhead lighting system and a floor-to-ceiling TV screen for streaming video and live events.

Build & Install

I-5’s approach to this project allowed for a quick turn-around time for Quil Ceda Casino. All of the custom design elements were constructed offsite in I-5’s state-of-the-art facility and pre-assebled prior to the installation phase. Custom metal finishes were developed for the project and integrated thorughout the new space. A complete audio and video upgrade package was also designed and installed, providing the customer with all of the tools to create the best entertainment draw for their property.  

Finished Project

The I-5 team received the design elements as they arrived on-site and performed the installation phase of the project. This was completed on-site in 2 weeks, which exceeded the customers expectations. The collaboration between I-5 teams created a safe and “head-ache” free process for the Quil Ceda Team and produced an exciting entertainment draw for their location. 

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Qzone Transformation

  • Transform an old 4,500 sf nightclub area into an all new entertainment space
  • New floor to ceiling finishes
  • All new A/V package 
  • Custom interior decor, lighting and finishes
  • Entire project completed in 2 weeks onsite

Transform your location