Ralph’s Thriftway

Ralph's Thriftway is an independent grocery located in Olympia. The owner wanted to differentiate the store and create a high-end boutique atmosphere that visually communicated quality as well as the store's local history. His goal was to enhance the shopping experience by creating mini specialty "stores" within the store layout, including a new fresh-cut floral area. Drawing from the owner's goals, I-5 created the conceptual design by utilizing the existing structure of the building and current square footage to enhance the guest experience and maximize the visual impact for each department. The design came together extremely well and I-5 performed the remodel of the store in just 5 weeks onsite. The owner is extremely happy with the increased loyalty and customer counts for the store. 


Location: Olympia, Washington

Duration: 5 Weeks

Project Size: 16,000 sf

Services: Design Build Interior & Exterior

Our Approach

Design & Planning

I-5 produced a comprehensive conceptual design and signage package which utilized the existing structures, aligned with Ralph's commitment to quality products, and created a comfortable, inviting shopping atmosphere.

The exterior entrance was upgraded with retro neon channel letters at the main entrance and specialty department signage defined small stores and departments within the overall store footprint. Each department was given its own unique look to set it apart, while still supporting the overall design of the store.  In addition to the produce, deli, dairy, and regular aisles, specialty facades and themed elements were created for the bakery, deli, a Subway franchise, and a specialty sushi area. One of the most dramatic changes was an entirely new section near the right entrance, which welcomes customers with a beautiful floral display area without taking up valuable floor space within the main store.

Build & Install

I-5's creative solutions resulted in a design and renovation plan that utilized existing structures and minimized on-site construction.

All of the supermarket decor elements and signage components were constructed at our state-of-the-art facility, minimizing on-site construction time and potential guest interruption.

The final result was a store that captured the spirit of a specialty boutique market and differentiated itself from other mainstream supermarkets while celebrating its role as a longstanding member of the community—all within the store’s existing square footage.

“We have been business partners with I-5 Design Build for many years.
Their talented and professional staff has always exceeded our expectations."

 Greg Stormans, Vice President
Stormans, Inc., Olympia, Washington

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