Cache Buffet | 4 Bears Casino

New Town, North Dakota

Project Objectives

Located in the center of the Bakken Oil fields, the 20 year old 4 Bears Casino property was in need of an upgrade which would create a beautiful and comfortable customer environment for guests at the resort. Phase 2 of this project focused on all of the non-gaming resort areas. The hotel lobby, customer corridors, gift shop, 24 hour Corner Café, Cache Buffet, Conference rooms, and building out a new executive board room.

Restaurant Design - Cache Buffet at 4 Bears Casino, design plan.

Design & Planning

A natural color palette was designed to work with the wood and stone finishes creating a welcoming and fresh ambiance within the space as well as featuring the existing hand painted mural as a focal point within the space.

The ceiling features a custom multi-chandelier fixture, set over a sculpted panel display and surrounded by an array of decorative beams with specialty wood grain finishes. A programmable color changing LED lighting system was integrated into the wood beams, to allow for the mood and atmosphere within the buffet to be changed based on events, holidays, or seasons. Intimate booth alcoves are nestled under an existing ceiling height transition, and a new entry for the venue created a much more appealing first impression.

Build & Install

All of the custom décor elements including the massive overhead beam structure, were manufactured and pre-assembled at I-5's production facility in order to achieve the highest level of finish and quality.

Utilizing a 3D architectural scan of each non-gaming area, the production department was able to move forward with the custom decor while the onsite team began the needed onsite changes. Each custom decor element was designed using the dimensions captured from the 3D scan to ensure the final product created the best visual impact possible for the areas. Each design element was pre-fabricated and assembled in the I-5 production facility, so that the onsite project implementation could be performed as efficiently as possible. Once all of the décor was completed in-shop, it was sent to the job site for implementation. Simultaneous to the production of the décor, I-5’s project team coordinated the procurement and fabrication of all of the custom casework and cabinetry, foodservice equipment, and custom flooring to facilitate a highly efficient, phased implementation.

Restaurant Design - Cache Buffet decor elements being manufactured by I-5 Design.
Restaurant Design - Cache Buffet at 4 Bears Casino after remodel.

Finished Project

The Cache Buffet was dramatically transformed, creating a memorable dining destination that is unparalleled in the region.

I-5’s onsite project superintendent coordinated our team of nationwide subcontractors so that all of the onsite demolition, painting, and MEP adjustments would be completed to plan. The scope of work performed by I-5 Design for Phase 2 was approximately 45,000 sq. ft. of non-gaming amenities. This remodel was completed on-site in just 12 weeks.

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