Coeur D’Alene Casino | Food Court

Worley, ID

Project Objectives

Coeur D'Alene Casino wanted to create a dramatic entrance experience to help draw guests into the main gaming floor, along with a high quality, beautiful deli venue. I-5 incorporated geometric tribal design patterns and custom tribal sculpture designs to give the plan an authentic tribal feel that ties in well with the rest of the property.

food court remodel, coeur d'alene casino, corridor design.

Design & Planning

The interactive communication between I-5 and Coeur D'Alene allowed input to happen in a streamlined and productive manner.

I-5 included a programmable color changing LED lighting system in the corridor to create a dynamic, high impact atmosphere drawing guests into the gaming floor. The conceptual designs show decorative simulated birch trees installed at the entrance to the Deli and along the perimeter walls, creating a natural and inviting atmosphere and breaking up the long expanse of the hallway.  This beautiful design plan accomplished the goals of the casino and the tribe, and delivered a high quality food venue and an entertaining and inviting experience for guests as they enter the casino.

Build & Install

With a multi-disciplined approach, I-5 manufactured the designs in 8 weeks' time and shipped them to the casino for the remodel phase.

Manufacturing the decor items in-house allowed I-5 to guarantee high-quality finishes as well as design integrity throughout the project. During the offsite manufacture of the custom décor, our onsite project team mobilized the site and began the planned demolition to facilitate this successful project renovation.

food court remodel, coeur d'alene casino, corridor being built.
food court remodel - coeur d'alene casino, corridor design.

Finished Project

In 6 weeks the entrance and food court area was transformed into a quality venue.

The collaboration between I-5’s department heads ensured excellent solutions in this application and allowed for the renovation to take place with no downtime to the casino gaming floors.

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