Dairy Queen

Pacific Northwest

Project Objectives

I-5 Design was asked to create a new image for Dairy Queen in order to transform the exteriors of multiple retail locations.

Restaurant Design - Dairy Queen, exterior design.

Design & Planning

Working from the elevation and floorplan drawings, I-5 created digital 3-dimensional restaurant design renderings that showed the client exactly how the new sites would look. An exterior theme was developed that imparted a Northwest feeling.

Rock wall fa├žades that showcased signage

Colorful awnings and upper walls

Dramatic lighting for nighttime visibility and impact

Build & Install

I-5 was able to manufacture the exterior signage and restaurant design elements at its own state-of-the-art production facility, then ship the components to each site and oversee implementation, ensuring that the integrity of the Dairy Queen corporate brand was consistently and optimally represented.

Thanks to I-5’s “concept to completion” one-source capability, the client was able to see how the exterior alterations to each site would be implemented, with the assurance that the same company would be responsible for seeing that vision through the installation phase as well.

Restaurant Design - Dairy Queen, implementation of one new location.