Buffet 66 Fresh Market

Route 66 Casino wanted to transition away from an older buffet offering and create a 'food hall' concept that offered high-quality food options in a memorable setting. The overall concept for the Fresh Market dining space was to incorporate several iconic venues, serving scratch-made food, into a 'courtyard' setting and give customers a wide array of quality choices to enjoy. I-5 created the overall interior design for the space and also performed a fast-paced installation of all the custom interior elements, producing another quality customer destination within Route 66.    



Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Duration: 2 Weeks
Project Size: 14,000 sf
Services: Design Build Interiors

Our Approach


The old buffet environment was designed with the theme of an oasis in the desert, with regional Route 66 elements woven in. The new Buffet 66 Fresh Market concept incorporated a timeless take on each of the new food stalls, while still alluding to the idea of the journey along Route 66. Through the design process, the team collaborated so each element could be created in the most efficient way possible so that the onsite construction timeframes could be minimized onsite.  


The entire dining area, along with all of the specialty food venues, was transformed with no downtime to casino operations.

I-5's team completed the installation of all interior components within a 2-week onsite schedule. This rapid install provided the GC with 2 extra weeks of time for final details and deep cleaning to be done prior to turning the venue over to the owners.  

The warm color tones and a wide variety of dining venues create a one-of-a-kind dining destination for the Albuquerque area. Comfortable booths, dining tables, and chairs provide intimate areas within the space. Patrons now enjoy a low-key and easily accessible restaurant at Route 66 Casino that provides them with a wide variety of fresh food options. 

The casino and Tribe have been very happy with the final ambiance created and the overall results they have seen from this new concept for high-volume food service.    

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