Feast Buffet at Santa Ana Star Casino

Santa Ana Star Casino's "Feast Buffet" had become outdated and lost its appeal as a destination for casino guests. The casino leadership team wanted to reintroduce the venue as a true destination, drawing customers into the culture of the Pueblo and serving a combination of high-quality classics, and introducing traditional Pueblo cuisine. I-5 Design was selected to both design and complete the renovation, which streamlined the entire process and cut two weeks off of the delivery schedule. 



Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Duration: 6 Weeks
Project Size: 8,500 sf
Services: Design Build Renovation

Santa Ana Star Casino - Feast Buffet
Santa Ana Star Casino - Feast Buffet
Santa Ana Star Casino - Feast Buffet
Santa Ana Star Casino - Feast Buffet
Santa Ana Star Casino - Feast Buffet
Santa Ana Star Casino - Feast Buffet
Santa Ana Star Casino - Feast Buffet
Santa Ana Star Casino - Feast Buffet
Santa Ana Star Casino - Feast Buffet

Our Approach


The overall theme for Feast Buffet was inspired by the beautiful cottonwood bosque growing along the banks of the nearby Rio Grande River. Branch-inspired design patterns were incorporated into the custom carpet patterns and extended to the decorative screens which provided privacy between areas. Angled “branches” serve as additional dividers between seating areas while tying the overall design back to the natural surroundings found near the casino. A custom sculpted cottonwood tree lives at the center of the buffet with its golden foliage spreading out to create an intimate seating area.



A curving soffit with blue LED cove lighting winds it's way around the perimeter of the dining area, like a gracefully flowing river, wood beams cross the ceiling and are supported by large rock pillars with punched copper sconces, and booth dividers mimic the branch-like motif found in the carpet, creating a unified flow throughout the space. Finishing the look, mica ceiling lights set in medallions of latillas and matching mica pendant lights cast warm light onto dining tables along the outer wall.


As the design theme was completed, I-5's production team took the designs and translated them into physical elements for the project. As each of the decor structures and decorative elements was created, simultaneous planning for the onsite construction occurred. This achieved the goal of closing the restaurant for a minimum timeframe and reopening as quickly as possible. Based on our planning, and offsite construction methods, the project schedule to demo and rebuild the buffet was locked in at 8 weeks onsite. 



Even with a tight 8-week schedule, I-5 teams worked with the objective to deliver the project even earlier if possible. The onsite team made several solutions for multiple trades to work concurrently, which ultimately led to the project being turned over to the client in just 6-weeks. 

The Santa Ana Star team and the Pueblo were very proud of their new restaurant and the impact and draw it produced for the casino. Customer feedback has also been exceptional and the Feast Buffet continues to be a popular option with guests. 

santa ana star casino - feast buffet

“We are very pleased with the outcome and impressed by the speed at which I-5 Design coordinated our work. I find their methods most effective for high quality, fast-paced renovation work and specifically noted their expertise and proficiency in the manufacturing and installation.”  

John Cirrincione, General Manager

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