Mist Bar 

As part of a multi-venue remodel plan, Snoqualmie Casino wanted to upgrade the Mist Bar to increase customer appeal and revenues for the property. The center bar was re-designed in such a way that the overall gaming floor experience was upgraded as well as providing a signature venue that would be visible throughout the casino.



Location: North Bend, Washington
Duration: 21 days
Project Size: 2,200 sf
Services: Design Build Renovation


Our Approach

Mist Bar at Snoqualmie Casino

Snoqualmie Casino's objective for this project was to upgrade the overall gaming floor entertainment experience by creating a signature center bar venue for guests.


The bar was designed with high-resolution video screens in the bar’s interior and large rings of high-impact color-changing lighting on the exterior, making it possible for management to customize the mood and feel of the new central space for different events and seasons. Because this new area was to be created in the middle of the gaming floor, careful planning was needed to minimize the impact on gaming operations in adjacent areas.

As the design-builder for the project, all architecture and engineering were in I-5's scope of work. This streamlined approach to the implementation of the project ensured absolute design integrity while collaborating about the best solutions to complete the project. This tight collaboration between design, architecture and our construction teams ensures that each project is done in the most efficient way onsite.   

As the architectural drawings were being finalized, large components of the project were being built offsite. By pre-fabricating and assembling the majority of the project components offsite, the construction noise was greatly reduced during the actual onsite installation, and the impact on gaming operations was kept to a bare minimum. Windows in the construction wall provided a view of the installation “performance” to casino management and clientele as the project took shape. 

The onsite construction schedule was performed behind construction walls, but that did not stop guests from watching the action. The large ring structures were brought into the building in quarters and finally assembled on the ground. These large structures were hoisted and secured in place per the engineered attachments and created a unique and entertaining focal point within the gaming floor.  

With a schedule of just 21 days onsite, this transformation was a true performance and the results for the casino have been impressive. The Mist Bar has become the central gathering place for gaming customers throughout the region and another signature space within Snoqualmie Casino.  

“We have been extremely impressed in contracting with I-5 Design Build, both in the design and planning of our projects, as well as the onsite performance. Throughout our projects, we’ve had clear and transparent communications, which has made a typically stressful process feel enjoyable.

Even when components of the project were upgraded beyond their original scope, we have not been presented with any change orders, which is a rarity in construction and design. The transformation of our center bar occurred in just 21 days, with minimal impact to our team and our guests, which wouldn’t have been possible without their offsite construction techniques and the constant communication with their design and construction teams.

The feedback from our guests has been excellent, and their consistent and flawless execution has earned them the Snoqualmie Casino Vendor of the Year Award. If you value sophisticated design and construction efficiency in your renovation projects, I highly recommend you talk to I-5 Design.”

Brian Decorah, CEO
Snoqualmie Casino

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