Spirit Mountain Casino

This comprehensive 82,000 square foot design-build remodel transformed the Spirit Mountain location. Working with the leadership team at the casino and Tribal leaders, the property was re-designed to create a memorable, high-impact gaming environment that helped increase customer loyalty and also draw customers from a wider demographic. The resulting  transformation provided a dramatic upgrade to the image of the casino revenues did not go down, but actually went up during the remodel.


Location: Grand Ronde, Oregon
Duration: 24 Weeks
Project Size: 82,000 sf
Services: Comprehensive Design-Build

Our Approach

Design & Planning

The leadership team at Spirit Mt, wanted to create a statement with the overall casino upgrade that would produce a memorable entertainment destination.  

The key element in the design is the innovative ceiling beam system which features integrated color-changing LED lighting to produce a dynamic array of moods for the entire space. This beam system was created to work with the high ceilings while minimizing the need for extensive infrasturucture changes.  

Working with the casino management team, design and planning was created which worked within the constraints of the existing structure of the property. Timeframes were dramatically reduced by creating a phasing plan that allowed the maximum number of gaming devices to remain open during the project. The major amenities and revenue creating areas were also made available for guests while the remodel was taking place.

Build & Install

On-site construction timeframes were cut approximately 70% by building and pre-assembling the custom elements off-site. This included all of the curving ceiling soffits, the ceiling beam elements and pre-wiring and testing all of the integrated LED lighting systems. The entire ceiling system was pre-assembled in sections to ensure fit and finish piror to onsite installation of the components. 

Each element of the design was planned to be unique to the Spirit Moutnain. The custom pattern developed for the cage was drawn from the custom ceiling system which overarches the gaming areas. Construction of all of the major decorative structures and visual elements was performed at our quality controlled facility, creating the best finished quality possible in the final project.   

Finished Project

The comprehensive design build renvoation was completed in 24 weeks onsite which created a destination feel and draw for the casino. The tribe, casino management, and guests have had excellent feedback on both the new ambiance created for the location, and the return numbers that they have seen. The casino team reported that due to the planning of the project, revenues never went down during the renovation, but actually increased and they have seen some of their best numbers since the project has been completed. 

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