Starlight Sports Bar and Lounge Renovation  

The lounge was designed to serve as a restaurant, nightclub, and sports bar with adjacent sports betting, with finishes appropriate for all scenarios. The casino was provided with a custom house and stage lighting control system that would play as one of the key factors in changing the venue use from sports bar, to restaurant, to nightclub. 






Location: Shelton, Washington
Duration: 22 Weeks
Project Size: 8,490 sf
Services: Comprehensive Renovation

Project Approach

New Restaurant, Sports Bar, and Nightclub

The design direction for this venue was sportsbook by day, night club by night. As soon as the sports stop, the party starts. Since the room in the level above was removed to make room for the upgraded venue, we took advantage of the height and included a 20' mega screen, perfect for viewing multiple sports at once. 

Improving Onsite Timeframes with Offsite Construction

Offsite pre-construction of architectural features and décor structures, including application and pre­assembly of specialty finishes and pre-integration of LED lighting systems, created a reduced on-site construction timeframe. 

A Beautiful, Versatile Design 

The final product is a one-of-a-kind venue with an adaptable environment. All the requested functions for the venue were combined into a beautiful overall design, including a feature sports bar which included sports betting, and a live entertainment stage. 


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Incredible Timeframes

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Amazing Customer Experience

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