Steelhead Lounge

Seven Feather's goal for this project was to create a new, exciting lounge venue for the casino property which would provide a comfortable and unique environment for guests and create an additional draw for the property. A new exterior entry was also desired in order to create an excellent visual impact as viewed by customers traveling on the adjacent freeway.



Location: Canyonville, Oregon
Duration: 8 Weeks
Project Size: 1,600 sf
Services: Design Build Remodel

Our Approach

Design & Planning

Because of the casino’s close proximity to the Umpqua River, a well-known Steelhead fishing paradise within the region, the intent for the new venue was to integrate this “Steelhead Theme”, creating a modern lounge environment.

All of the decor elements were designed to bring out a different part of the Steelhead theme, while also creating a warm, intimate environment. The impressive back bar featured individual etched metal tiles that resembled iridescent fish scales and an illuminated bottle display which created a high-impact focal point for the bar area. Within the space, a custom carpet pattern was designed to emulate moving water and add comfort to the seating area. A specialty half-wall with an integrated fish scale pattern was also designed to define the transition between the adjacent gaming floor and the lounge. Sculpted acrylic divider panels incorporated the Steelhead Lounge logo and provided a high-quality feature between the bar and lounge seating areas.

Build & Install

Working with the casino’s in-house construction team, I-5 created all of the specialty décor, theming, and finish elements off-site to provide a highly efficient on-site transformation of the existing space.

In preparation for the on-site remodel, all the manufacturing and pre-assembly of the specialty decor and theming elements took place in I-5’s production facility and allowed for the integration of programmable LED lighting and custom finishes to provide the greatest visual impact for the finished elements. The individual elements of the design were constructed using the digital files created for the design presentation in order to create the highest degree of finish quality and look better in real life than the renderings

Finished Project

The Steelhead Lounge has quickly become a desired destination within the casino, while also providing a beautiful new exterior entry to the casino.

The new lounge venue has transformed an unused space within the casino into a very attractive, one-of-a-kind experience for guests. A new exterior entry area was also added to provide direct customer access into the lounge and maximize the impact to the freeway pulling people into the property and the Steelhead Lounge venue which has generated excellent returns for the whole location.

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