Tachi Palace Casino & Resort

Tachi Palace Casino wanted a solution to transform their existing High Limit, Non-Smoking and Premiere Club gaming areas. A unique design plan was created for each space that drew from the history and culture of the tribe while also creating exciting and beautiful customer spaces. Both of the projects were planned as turnkey projects and were delivered to the casino ahead of the aggressive original schedule.


Location: Lemoore, California

Duration: 8 Weeks Onsite

Project Size: 6,500 total sf

Services: Comprehensive Design Build for 3 separate areas 

Our Approach

Design & Planning

The turn-key approach to these projects allowed the casino to open the renovated spaces almost a full month ahead of the originally planned schedule. Additionally, the High Limit and Non-Smoking areas were performed simultaneously in order to minimize downtime and maximize the impact of each project.


High Limit Gaming Area: The upgrade plan for the high-limit space focused on creating a destination within the overall casino property. The new color palettes and finishes were planned to work with the existing gaming floor décor while creating a warm and inviting space for high-limit players. Large stacked stone columns flank the entrance and an overhead valance with integrated signage provides a striking entry point for the room. A second custom valance extends along the face of the exterior façade, highlighting an existing hand-painted mural and providing a mounting point for the custom bead curtain elements. The custom bead curtain allows views into the High-Limit room from the gaming floor adding to the allure of the space. A large overhead décor structure features custom metal finishes and incorporates traditional Tachi-Yokut basket pattern while adding an impressive feature to the gaming area. Custom wall coverings incorporate a Tule reed inspired pattern, which adds to the overall ambiance of the room while alluding to the history and culture of the Tribe. Programmable lighting fixtures are integrated into the ceiling as well as custom back-lit displays which transition between preferred ambiance levels depending on the time of day or special events at the property.

Non-Smoking Area: The overall design for the non-smoking area was inspired by ancient Lake Tulare in the San Joaquin Valley. The verdant color palette and design choices are inspired by the Tule reeds and natural earth tones found along the banks of the lake. The upgrades for this space included custom window treatments with a Tule reed pattern, columns with stone finishes applied, custom mica chandeliers, all new custom carpet, and a new LED illuminated entry sign.

Premiere Club: The 27,000 sf. area design drawings showed an updated area with visual appeal. I-5 used similar materials and finishes on the exterior of the Premiere club to continue the flow with the already renovated High Limit and Non-Smoking areas while giving the interior its own unique flare.


A highly expedited schedule was established for the project and all of the specialty decor elements were produced and assembled off-site. This allowed the highest quality remodel project, while minimizing the on-site schedule.


Simultaneous to the off-site fabrication of the décor, I-5 worked closely with the casino staff to demo the existing finishes within the spaces and ready them for the installation of the custom elements. By fabricating the custom components off-site, high-end finishes and specialty lighting were able to be calibrated within a quality controlled environment in order to create the maximum impact when installed at the jobsite. Clearly marked work areas allowed customers to watch as complete décor structures were installed, creating a performance that was exciting and memorable for customers and staff of the casino. I-5 coordinated closely with the project team at Tachi Palace during all phases of the project, which allowed the aggressive schedule to be further improved and the project completed nearly 2 weeks ahead of schedule.


The entire on-site remodel of the High Limit and Non-Smoking gaming areas was performed in just 5-1/2 weeks, while creating a memorable performance for the customers at Tachi Palace.


The High-Limit and Non-Smoking area remodels were designed to create two new exciting and memorable spaces for customers to enjoy at the Tachi Palace Casino. Each area allows customers to experience a different ambiance while bringing a high-level of overall quality to each area of the property. Both management and staff at Tachi Palace Casino are extremely happy with positive effect that the new areas have had on customers of the property as well as the returns they are seeing.

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Tachi Palace Casino & Resort Transformation

  • Comprehensive Design Build renovation that transformed three distinct venues 
  • Highly efficient onsite projects which oepned earlier than planned 
  • All new floor to ceiling finishes for the High-Limit Room 
  • All new interior plan and HVAC system for Non-smoking area

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