360 Bar

Route 66 wanted to create an all-new central lounge venue that would provide an exciting accent and focal point to their gaming floor and would allow casino guests to remain in the center of the gaming floor action while inside the lounge.



Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Duration: 3 Weeks Onsite
Project Size: 2,500 sf
Services: Concept Design & Interiors 

Route 66 Casino - 360 Bar
Route 66 Casino - 360 Bar
Route 66 Casino - 360 Bar
Route 66 Casino - 360 Bar

Our Approach


This signature 360-degree venue was designed to be the central hub of the gaming floor and draw inspiration from the circular geometry of a nautilus shell. Contemporary finishes and a rich color palette of reds and yellows bring the space a feeling of approachable opulence and work to create an interactive, high-impact focal point in the center of the casino construction.

A unique ceiling treatment extends out from the central bar, emulating the swirling geometry of a nautilus shell. Integrated LED lighting casts a glow onto the ceiling. Fully programmable color-changing LEDs were integrated into the center of the nautilus over the bar and also behind the faceted beaded curtain on the exterior façade. The result produced an unforgettable, ever-changing combination of light and color. Different effects were pre-programmed for the location so employees can simply select a pre-set show depending on changes of season or marketing focus at the property.


Surrounding the perimeter of the lounge are 8 custom-etched, tapered metal columns, each with integrated lighting that illuminates the specialty patterned metal and delivers the impression of dimension and movement as customers view and approach the space. Between the columns, a curved half wall was created to offer guests a sense of privacy and exclusiveness, while at the same time keeping them in the center of the action.


All of the custom décor elements were fabricated offsite during the construction of the new venue so that the project could be delivered in the most efficient onsite schedule. As components of the plan were completed, I-5 teams pre-assembled the structures and calibrated final details on lighting so the installation could be performed in an efficient sequence. Through each step of the offsite construction, designers and project managers ensure the finished décor is creating the correct visual effect and delivering the intent of the initial concept design. 


As the finished décor arrived onsite, per the implementation plan, the installation performance began. The installation became an event at the property, with many customers returning daily to see the progress. This helped to increase customer visits during the project that offset any typical impact during a renovation.

Because many décor renovation or installation projects are typically performed in view and very near to customers, I-5 has developed safety systems to ensure the absolute safety of guests and employees during work on a property.

Finished Project

The completed 360 Bar is now the centerpiece venue within the gaming floor at Route 66 Casino. From concept design, through the final onsite installation of the custom décor package, I-5 created a finished project that delivered above and beyond expectations.

The new transformation gave patrons a place to unwind while still enjoying the energy from the gaming floor and gave Route 66 Casino a breathtaking new attraction for the property. The team at Route 66 Casino is extremely happy with the venue and continues to work with I-5 Design to create other destination F&B venues at their facility.


Thunder Road Steakhouse & Cantina, Route 66 Fresh Market, and Envy Nightlife are three additional venues within The Route 66 Casino property that I-5 has worked on. Our team has created the concept designs and planned and implemented all of the custom interiors packages. Each of the venues is designed to draw additional guests to the property and created to be marketed and advertised as stand-alone destinations within the overall entertainment destination.

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