Oaklawn Jockey Club | Hot Springs, Arkansas


New, visually compelling exterior and interior signage was a top priority for Oaklawn Jockey Club and Casino. I-5 was charged with creating and implementing a signature building identification plan.

Design and finished product highlights

I-5’s exterior design and sign design package included custom lights, interior signage, and custom designed exterior building signage.

For the exterior frontage, a completely programmable, specialty LED lighting display was utilized on the exterior fascia, turning the facility’s marquee sign into a stunning lighted billboard. Besides its ability to create thousands of colors, the programmable system is also able to play video and animation. The striking display has attracted significant attention—not only from local residents and passersby, but also from the Hot Springs newspaper, which featured the facility’s new signage.

Production and implementation

Each custom component was fabricated by I-5 and shipped to the site. With a detailed and well thought out plan the implantation of the design plan was seamless and impressive.


“People are just out there staring at the sign, it is just absolutely perfect. It makes a world of difference on that front. I just don’t know how you could have done it any better; the colors match so well, the size and everything. It is very exciting, I sure appreciate it.”

-Mac Core
Oaklawn Jockey Club and Casino
Hot Springs, AR

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