Unique & Elegant Casino Design

One thing that we enjoy at I-5 Design is creating completely custom decor elements for each project. Listening to the client and drawing from inspirational photos and natural surroundings we create exclusive, one-of-a-kind venues. This casino gaming floor design is unique in its layout and atmosphere. Layered glass chandeliers with amber hued illumination adds a sense of elegance and creates an aloof feeling in comparison to the average gaming floor that is fast-paced and packed with slot machines. Adding intimacy and visual interest are the rectangle beaded metal curtain valances, with two-tone illumination, suspended above the gaming tables. From the textured fabric curtains to the specialty metal panles and columns clad with golden ledge-stone veneer, each element was custom designed for this facility and supports elegant theme and ambience.

Sarah Robison
I-5 Design
Marketing Director


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