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“Where should we play tonight?” Every casino wants to be the answer to this question. Now, more than ever customers have choices when it comes to gaming and live entertainment. From playing slots and table games to watching a show or sporting event, consumers no longer have to travel to places like Las Vegas or Atlantic City to experience the thrill of victory or agony of defeat. In many cases, more than one entity operates a gaming venture within the same local territory and naturally, competition drives better experiences for the consumer. Inevitably, upgrades and expansions must happen to keep the facility environment fresh, exciting and appealing to gamers. Casino management groups have been asking “How can I quickly get the impact of a new facility without shutting my doors?” Delays on construction projects have led to lost revenues. There is a solution however, for a casino that needs a high-impact update to the look and feel of the facility’s environment without the typical headaches and drawbacks.

I-5 Design and Manufacture has been helping casinos across the country achieve maximum impact from their budgets by designing and implementing facility wide interior and exterior décor solutions that can be rapidly implemented with minimal down time to the casino. This comprehensive service allows casino management teams to get a transformation which takes place while revenue continues to be generated. The design staff at I-5 begins by listening to what the client wants to see and creating a high impact design which thinks ahead to how the design will be implemented on site. The creative process also takes into account what type of gaming atmosphere will create the greatest impact for the particular location in relation to its competion or given its geographic location. The fabrication team then utilizes specialized systems for creating décor, theming and lighting elements that will ensure the actual elements can be fabricated efficiently and a smooth installation occurs. Part of this unique system includes off-site fabrication of all elements in the décor package within the controlled environment of I-5’s automated fabrication facility. As the fabrication progresses, our team updates the client on build status and begins scheduling installation phases. Larger projects may need several phases to complete installation, while more intimate locations can be completed sometimes in days. Once the first phase manufacture is complete, décor components are wrapped, loaded, secured and shipped on site to begin implementation. Installation professionals who have been trained in customer relations arrive on site with the first loads to supervise décor unload and start the installation phase. During this whole process, communication is happening around the clock to ensure that no detail is overlooked and the client is updated on project status. I-5’s team coordinates the best times with casino management for implementation to occur and often work overnight and off hours so customer flow remains intact and revenues can be generated. Many casino customers and employees have left for the evening and come back the next morning to find entire sections of the remodel complete.

When all phases are complete and the casino looks like new, the install team walks through each area and performs a quality check to ensure everything looks perfect and the maximum effect for each space is achieved. The end result is a beautiful, new casino environment within the existing building without closing the doors. By focusing on keeping the doors open during the project, revenues continue to be generated and customers continue to play. The overall effect is a high impact upgrade and happy customers who not only play longer, but communicate to their friends about the new, exciting gaming location.

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