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duck creek casino designThe first component of a casino renovation is the design and planning. Scheduling a site visit, we perform a 360-degree, 3D laser scan of the existing space to obtain photographic and digital point cloud data. With the use of this state-of the-art technology our casino designs show an precisely accurate clone of your building with measurements that can be easily transferred into 3D models. This information is then converted into a 3D model which our team uses to formulate the actual design for the space. The theming aspect of the design comes from direct input received from our client. Telling us how they envision their new property, our teams collaborate to create a design plan that will move their vision into reality.

With over 26 years of experience in designing and implementing casino renovations, there is no style that our innovative design team can’t create. Our projects styles range from contemporary and energetic, to tribal inspired and historical. With 3D technology, our client is able to visualize exactly how their space will look upon completion of the design and before moving towards the building, renovation and installation of the custom design elements. Each design we produce is intended to update the overall visual impression of the property, and transform the entire location into a local destination.

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