Elements of Design


Custom chandeliers are a hallmark of I-5’s innovative approach to theming and décor design. With years of research, we have identified top-quality, specialty materials that set our fixtures apart while making them distinctly suited to the venue and theme for which they are designed.

Whether you are looking for soothing warm ambience or dynamic accent lighting design, the proprietary I-5 UltraBrite lighting system can be programmed to achieve any mood. Each chandelier displays intensely saturated, controllable light, whether for interior or exterior applications. Specialized diffusion panels are also employed; , fabricated in many colors and textures. These diffusers add rich dimension and character to lighting fixtures.

Our themed chandeliers can also incorporate silhouette designs. From Southwestern patterns and shapes, to tribal logos or rustic outdoor elements, we incorporate the venue’s specific theme into each of its chandeliers. Each component is hand- crafted, providing a signature focal point unlike any other.

For truly dramatic effect, we can create chandeliers that offer a theatrical presentation, programmed to show large-scale video with enhanced color precision for professional entertainment environments.

Chandelier Gallery