Efficient Implementation Eliminates Customer Headaches

Venture Bank Exterior and Interior

I-5 Design has a proven track record of exceeding customer expectations for the atmosphere during the installation at their facility. We plan so your decor package can be implemented with no interruption to your customers or business. Safety and quality are our main focus which in turn creates the best environment for your employees and customers.

We worked with Vice President Stephanie Ursino to design, manufacture and install a new look for the interior and exterior appearance of Venture Bank locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. Here is what she had to say about us.

“Having a group of guys climbing around in front of the doors all day could cause a real inconvenience for customers, but I-5 made it almost seamless and didn’t interfere with a single customer.”

Stephanie A. Ursino
Vice President
Venture Bank

John W.
I-5 Design & Manufacture
Project Blogger

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