Efficient Installation

If you owned a venue and were scheduled to have a large-scale remodel, you would have a lot on your mind – Will we need to close down? How long until we can re-open? Will the installation crew inconvenience patrons? At I-5 Design and Manufacture, we always put our clients concerns first. This means that we create systems to enhance the quality and efficiency of every installation that we do. Before we begin a remodel, we study the location and lay out a detailed, step-by-step plan so that the venue is able to remain open or little downtime is caused during the entire process. Accurate and methodical planning is key to a successful installation and starts at the beginning of each project. Before going on-site, the project manger conducts several meetings with the installers to analyze the project so that every detail is taken care of before the installation has even begun. The shop crewmembers are also directly involved with making the project go smoothly. The way that each décor element is loaded into the trucks is done in a systematic way so that when on-site, each piece comes out in the order that it is to be applied. As each step and system is followed correctly, timeframe can be greatly reduced and a higher-quality end product is achieved.

Jim H.
I-5 Design
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