Every color has a purpose

Photo of a casino color board
Making the right color choice for your venue is essential, and there are many factors that go into choosing the correct one. Different Colors produce different reactions in people, which is why it is extremely important for a designer to know just what color is needed in a particular design. Here are some examples of what different colors entail. Red is very vibrant and hot; it can indicate danger, which is the reason that stoplights and warning signs are red. However, it can be a very powerful accent color, and also used to portray strength, or passion. Yellow is often considered the brightest and most energizing color. Many times it is used to reflect sunshine, and cheerfulness; it can also be used to portray hope, as well draw extra attention to a specific object. Blue can be refreshing, strong, or peaceful, and often creates a soothing or cool atmosphere. You will see light blue in many doctor or dentists offices, because it is produces a reassuring environment. Those were just the primary colors, but every single color has emotion, or feelings attached to it, and should be thoughtfully chosen. When choosing colors for your venue and you wonder why they “just don’t look right”, try considering what the different colors are portraying, and you might have a simpler time choosing the perfect palette for your project.

Susan H.
I-5 Design
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