From Concept to Completion | Typical Project Timeframe

Before and After Photos of recent projects

When renovating gaming and entertainment facilities, a common concern is the timeframe of the project and how the upgrade will affect the flow of business. Our team approaches these problems by planning throughout the design phase so manufacture of the project is streamlined and on-site implementation causes as little disruption to business as possible. Our design phase timelines start at 3 weeks and depending on the project, can be ready to build at the end of that time. The average manufacturing phase for a larger scale project starts at just 6-10 weeks. Our approach is to pre-assemble as many components as possible to ensure smooth and efficient onsite installation. By planning the implementation from the design phase, the manufacture and on-site installation come together so the upgrade can occur with minimal or no downtime to gaming or entertainment activities. In most scenarios, the property has remained open for regular business and continues to generate revenue while the facility is dramatically upgraded.

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