High-Quality Welds

Choctaw Welding Photos

I am one of the welding technicians here at I-5 Design and welding is my part in contributing to the strength, longevity, and impact of each décor structure we produce. At our company, quality and service are the ideal and our department gets to use the most advanced welding equipment available to achieve this standard. Each welding technician is certified through WABO and AWS and trained to use microprocessor-controlled MIG and TIG power sources for in shop fabrication. This enables us to consistently produce the best weld integrity and visual appearance for each element. Whether it is custom sheeting or structural framing, our advanced equipment and technical ability allow us to consistently produce the highest quality welds possible and contribute to creating amazing products. I’m proud of the decor elements that we produce in my department and the contribution I get to bring to each project.

Josiah M.
I-5 Design & Manufacture
Welding Technician


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