Gold River Casino | Lenape Lounge Design



Gold River Casino asked for I-5’s expertise to create an alluring new lounge design within an existing unused storage building on the casino property.

Design and finished product highlights

I-5’s design created an entirely new destination from floor to ceiling, adding a notable new guest attraction at Gold River Casino. The layout and décor plan was carefully considered, in keeping with the flow and theme of the rest of the casino. Specialty wood and cultured stone added a nature-based influence. Other highlights included:

• A sizable curved wood-beam ceiling structure

• Specialty patterned metal finishes featuring I-5’s own EtchedMetal process

• Custom mica chandeliers

• A full bar

• Integrated seating

• A raised stage area for live entertainment

Production and implementation

Décor elements were produced at I-5’s own manufacturing facility, and Lenape Lounge’s entire installation was completed within 2 weeks, while the casino remained open.


The Lenape Lounge has brought an additional luxury venue to Gold River Casino, attracting guests to enjoy a cocktail or to enjoy the excitement of live entertainment.

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