Greenfresh Market

Renton, Washington

Project Objectives

Greenfresh Market came to I-5 with a design request for a bright Scandinavian-style plan for both exterior signage and interior décor and layout, utilizing clean lines to create a crisp, fresh atmosphere.

Supermarket and Grocery Store Design - Greenfresh Market interior design.

Design & Planning

I-5 Design addressed the market's needs by using bright blocks of color to create the "fresh" look the client had requested.

Multiple custom-made wood grids using light-colored wood with silver accents gave the store the clean, simple design structures which are the hallmark of Scandinavian design.  Handsome, easy-to-see check stand lane markers and aisle signs lead customers through the market.  Complete color specifications for interior walls, product cases, floors and finishes ensure an atmosphere consistent with a fresh, natural foods environment. To complete the design, exterior signage reflects the clean, crisp style of the new interior elements.

Additionally, to help the client visualize final implementation, I-5 created 3-dimensional design drawings, including department and check stand areas, from several different angles. This helped answer layout and décor questions.

Build & Install

This supermarket design is an excellent example of I-5's "concept to completion" capabilities.

In addition to providing comprehensive layout, theme, and décor planning, I-5 also created 3-dimensional renderings to help the client picture the finished look of the renovation. Once approved, feature elements were fabricated in I-5’s in-house manufacturing facility and then shipped to the project site, where the I-5 team oversaw installation and completion. Greenfresh Market’s clean, open design, inspired by the client’s request for a Scandinavian-style approach, makes for a beautifully inviting shopping space. Both client and store customers responded positively.

Supermarket and Grocery Store Design - Greenfresh Market produce area.