Quil Ceda Creek Casino | Entertainment Venue Remodel

Quil Ceda Creek Casino DesignI-5 is currently working with Quil Ceda Creek Casino in Marysville, Washington, on their entertainment venue remodel. The new design plan brings energy and excitement with vivid red, orange, and yellow tones, as well as with specialty  textures and programmable LED lighting elements. The new overhead structure, which features I-5’s silver and fiery red Etched Metal cladding, cantilevers out over the bar to create an intimate space for guests as well as provide a great focal point for the space. A custom illuminated bar top provides a soft, warm glow to the area, and sleek etched metal and diamond plate finishes provide a modern edge to the overall design. To ensure the finished project was performed with the highest level of quality and maintained complete design integrity, all of the custom design and theming elements were pre-fabricated in-house at I-5’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

We are in the installation/renovation phase of this project now, so check back for more progress updates.  If you would like to see more lounge design and renovation projects, visit our Bar & Lounge portfolio page.

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