Señor Frog’s Restaurant Design



Señor Frog’s is a specialty restaurant and retail venue in Nassau that caters to visitors and vacationers. The client hoped to upgrade exterior signage and overall storefront impact for a more compelling street presence.

Design highlights

Understanding that guests to the Bahamas are generally in a “getaway” frame of mind and open to fun experiences, I-5’s design team created a playful tropical restaurant design theme, with Señor Frog himself taking center stage in signage and branding. The character appears to preside over a tropical, bamboo-style structure, implying a whimsical, exotic experience inside. Key restaurant design features included:

• A peaked-roof “hut” design, with bamboo structural elements

• Bright, colorful dimensional letters and signage to attract street attention on two street frontages, taking
advantage of the premium corner location

• Character development of Señor Frog in the central signage

• An added theme element of a giant Señor Frog appearing to peek over a roof-based wall above the entrance


I-5’s design offered the client a cohesive, fully concepted exterior visual image, capitalizing on a memorable theme consistent with the tropical and fun-loving nature of this vacationer’s paradise.

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