Buffalo Thunder Casino | Shadeh Nightclub Remodel

Shadeh 1

Shadeh Nightclub is a unique entertainment destination at Buffalo Thunder Casino and Resort, located in New Mexico. By utilizing an existing, underperforming space at the property, I-5 designed, built, and installed a completely new, custom environment for Shadeh in just 7 weeks on site.

Included in the nightclub remodel project was a custom “Bubble Wall” display with a color changing lighting system, custom panels behind the stage with concealed LED lighting, custom acrylic drink tables surrounding the dance floor with an integrated lighting system, as well as custom illuminated bands over the dance floor, which tied the room and all of the décor elements together. I-5 also built a new, raised VIP area that created a separate high-impact area within the space.

During the design phase, the material selection and color palette helped set the theme for the entire project. As with each of our projects, each color, material, and finish were chosen with careful consideration to create this one-of-a-kind nightclub and add a new destination within the Buffalo Thunder Casino and Resort property.

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