Specialty decor finishes

As a painter for I-5 Design and Manufacture, I love finding out about new possibilities with our finishes and paint coatings. One thing I’ve been working on this week is optimizing the color formulas for our tinted clear coats. A tinted clear coat basically uses a small amount of multiple colored toners mixed with a large amount of clear paint. We apply our tinted clear finishes over specialty brushed aluminum panels, which is the reason that it’s so important that we create a perfect ratio of toners to clear. The photo above illustrates this point. The fun in this comes when we are able to mix a broad range of colors from deep amber to ocean turquoise to royal purple, and do spray outs on our sample pieces. Once the optimal formula has been reached for any of these given colors we are able to save the exact formula in our color database, and retrieve the information at any time in the future. What’s great is, our customers get rich, brilliant colors on their projects and I can reference their color data when subsequent projects occur for exact color matches.

Jordan W

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