Venti’s Cafe & Taphouse

Photos of Venti's Cafe & Taphouse

The Venti’s Cafe & Taphouse, located in southern Salem, Oregon offers a variety of menu choices, as well as a contemporary design style that complements the cuisine very effectively. With the use of a primarily orange hued color palette, the interior has a modern atmosphere that corresponds with the natural materials to produce a warm and urban feel. Wave shaped wooden panels with a vertical grain elongate the look of the ceiling while the staggered formation adds depth and dimension. The same pattern is used on the bar facing, so as to create a uniform and aesthetically pleasing look and feel. To produce an industrial flare, stained concrete flooring was chosen, which is simple and balances the bold and fresh décor elements. Some of the most interesting features of the café are the light fixtures. Various contemporary fixtures of different shapes and colors were placed at specific places throughout the interior to provide unique focal points and entertainment for customers. The overall ambiance of Venti’s is inviting as well as energetic, combining great food and design for locals and visitors to enjoy.

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